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Most people in the design community know me as Barry Dowsett, a Portlander who grew up here and happily never left the community. Arthur Barry is my given name, and Arthur Barry Designs is my business identity. My chosen occupation has been interior design, having graduated with a degree from the University of Oregon and continuing in the trade for the past forty-five years.

Some of those years were spent in businesses I owned and to the trade showrooms, helping designers choose products for their clients. Others were spent working in a company owned by others. But I always enjoyed developing, recommending or selling specialty carpet and design products for both commercial and residential projects. Being one of the first tenants in the renovated Montgomery Park Building, I showed and sold custom rugs, carpeting, fabrics and furniture.

It was in working with the better quality products that I became passionate about wool carpets and natural green options specifically. The joy of working with color, pattern and texture gives me a similar satisfaction much like a chef would experience with a finished soufflé. The ingredients skillfully combined improve a client’s environment, and there is nothing I find more gratifying than that.

Being professionally trained, I have a good eye for color, scale and design, making the end result not only pleasing but timeless to be enjoyed for many years. So I know a little bit about choosing the product to fit the person and clearly presenting my knowledge about the function and form of what I’m suggesting to clients or to interior designers aiding their clients.

Whether you’ve been an interior design client in the past or just want to explore working with a designer for the first time as a customer, I can offer to you a myriad of materials, fabrication services, various flooring options, carpeting, area rugs, furniture, delivery and installation along with color consulting and ideas for improving your space, large or small. I understand the specific needs of interior designers and what helps them to facilitate their clients’ projects quickly and efficiently as well as what might diminish confusion and excessive choices for the customer who has never thought of considering a designer.

I can truly say I love this industry and the people I’ve met and served along the way. The selection process is like a partnership, requiring trust and respect between the partners. I want that partnership to be positive, fun and beyond expectations. Koeber’s, Inc, a wonderfully warm family owned business, has given me the privilege to continue my work in this industry within their showroom. Both those who work in the trade as well as the retail customer are invited to use our services.

Plan a visit during showroom hours or call me for an appointment. Either way you will find a welcoming beginning to the project you’re thinking about.

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