Antrim Carpeting

Antrim Carpets USA, is a leading importer and wholesaler of hand-loomed and hand-tufted carpets and custom rugs from overseas, created for the residential and commercial markets. Antrim Carpets USA’s line of natural handmade carpets and rugs are manufactured with top quality materials and techniques with a focus on providing our customers with safe natural floor covering.

Stocking Broadloom Program

Antrim products are hand loomed using 100% wool, natural latex and ‘action backing’. The process begins with the selection of yarns using the longest wool fibers available, most of the products use the natural colors of wool and can achieve a color range by blending the different wool fibers together.

Hand Loomed Construction

The manufacturing of hand loomed or hand woven broadloom carpet is a process of weaving yarn over a series of metal rods to form an all loop pile carpet. The weaver then forms a pattern by cutting open chosen rows of loops or cutting all of the loops to create a cut pile carpet. In the case of Woolridge, the pattern is form by cutting 2 consecutive rows of loops and leaving the third row as loops then continuing this pattern the length of the roll. In Milano all the rows of loops are cut to form an all cut pile carpet. The weaving technique is very similar to the weaving of Tibetan rugs or machine made Wilton all loop pile carpets. The carpet is made up of a warp yarn which is the face pile of the carpet and a weft yarn that is made up of cotton or wool that locks in the rows of loops during manufacturing.

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