Arthur Barry Designs is proud to offer the high-end carpet brands listed below. Please click on the links to learn more about each of these brands.

Antrim    |    Camelot    |    Cavan    |    Couristan    |    Design Materials      

Dixie Home    |    Fabrica    |    Fibreworks    |    Godfrey Hirst    |    Hibernia    |    Kane

Masland   |    Moda    |    Prestige    |    Radici    |    Robertex    |    Royalty    |    Shaw

Tuftex    |    UCL (Unique Carpet Ltd)     |     Woolshire


Carpeting is a great way to express your individuality while remaining functional. At Arthur Barry Designs we are the experts at walking the line of functionality and Individuality. Good carpeting will draw you into the room and set the mood of the room. If you are going for warm and comfy or fun and funky the carpeting sets the tone.

Carpeting also warms up the room; carpet increases your R-value and that helps insulate the room.  A good carpet and pad can increase the R-value of a room by 3-7x’s that of hardwood and 8-17x’s that of tile. A high quality carpet and pad will offer you potential energy cost savings which is good for the environment.

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