Contract grade carpets for commercial interiors.

Industrial spaces see a lot of foot traffic. Designed with this in mind, our premium selection offers ultimate durability, resilience, and taste to ensure a long-lasting foundation for any commercial area.

Contract grade carpets are found in places such as commercial buildings, hospitality structures, educational and government facilities, to name a few. With such a high volume of pedestrians, these rugs must be able to withstand years of continual use.

Constructed with durable fibers, these contract grade rugs will stand the test of time. They require little care due to the resilient nature of their construction and fiber uniformity, making them easy to clean.

Despite being tough, these rugs are soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. With the functionality of a reliable base(support), you would never know you have stepped out of the comfort of your own home. Contract grade carpets offer a pleasing aesthetic in any workspace.

  • Contract grade flooring provides a beautiful foundation for innovative commercial space designs as well as renovations and retrofits.
  • Carpet in hotels, offices, airports, schools, and governments get extremely high foot traffic. Commercial-grade carpet must be tough enough to last over time.
  • Superior durability, resilience
  • Good fiber uniformity during extrusion, creating a softer, more crush-resistant and exceptionally durable fiber that is perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Easy care
  • Performance and design benefits that are hard to beat.
  • Commercial-grade carpet offers exceptional durability, permanent stain resistance, and amazing beauty.

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