Custom Fabricated Rugs



Custom Fabricated Rugs

At Arthur Barry Designs, we understand that there are situations where the perfect rug simply cannot be found. Whether you are looking for a specific color, shape, or size, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Our Custom Fabricated Rugs can bring almost anything your heart desires to life.  A Custom Fabricated Rugs can be that missing piece that ties the whole room together. It can be a distinctive company logo in the entry way of your new office building. The design possibilities are endless with Custom Fabricated Rugs.

All of our rugs can be customized upon request. Change of colors, designs, shapes and dimensions are possible. We can even change the height of the rug so that it can be cut to different levels. Each individual order is carefully studied to create a unique rug that combines your specifications and the distinctive aesthetic of Arthur Barry Designs.

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